The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

  1. Spring Clean Up Day:
    • We would like to plan Spring Clean Up day to coincide with the spring Dumpster Day. The date for Dumpster Day has not been decided yet. ANOW members in attendance will be notified when the Dumpster Day date has been set.
    • In the meantime, an ANOW member will send in the request for Clean Up Day supplies, including bags, gloves, etc.
    • Last year attendance to Spring Clean Up was decreased due to bad weather conditions. In 2011, however, approximately 49 people attended.
    • The flyer used in previous years will be edited and used this year. Flyers will be handed out/ stuck in doors around the neighborhood, posted in local businesses, and sent home with kids at Avalon Elementary.
    • It was discussed how during Clean Up day bags are filled around the borough, where ever the volunteers choose to clean. Bags are then picked up by ANOW members and taken to the dumpster.
    • During Dumpster Day residents can call the borough and request large trash pick up


  2. Snow Removal
    • The idea was presented to create a Google Talk number for ANOW and advertised for residents to call if they are physically unable (or not present) to remove snow from their walks. A suggestion was made to target elderly populations when advertising this number, possibly through Meals on Wheels, the Library, or the Silver Sneakers Program at the YMCA.
    • The issue of liability when shoveling snow on people’s property was raised. It was decided that snow removal would only be done if residents requested it and signed a form stating that ANOW is not responsible for any damage that occurs in the process of removing snow.
  3. February ANOW Meeting
    • Member of the PA House of Representatives Dan Deasy and State Senator Matt Smith will be contacted and asked to attend our next meeting, February 27. If unable, we will see if they can come to the March meeting.
    • We will want to heavily advertise if they are to attend.
    • An ANOW member will update the group if she gets a response from either Deasy or Smith.
  4. New Ideas/ Events
    • An idea was presented to coordinate with Realtors in the area to plan an open house day where several houses will be open, in addition to the borough building where information about Avalon and ANOW members will be to greet potential home buyers.
    • An ANOW member will contact realtors and update at next meeting.
  5. Brighten the Season
    • ANOW made $293.50 at their Brighten the Season Event!
  6. Bank Account
    • The question of where to keep money made for ANOW was raised. ANOW members will look into bank options and update at the next meeting.
  7. Yearbook page sponsorship for Avalon Elementary
    • A vote was taken on whether ANOW will sponsor a yearbook page for Avalon Elementary ($10). It was decided that ANOW would sponsor the page and that the text “AvalonNow.Org” would be on the sponsored page.
  8. Upcoming Council Events
    • The next council meeting will be held 2/19 at 7:30pm.
    • Upcoming open seats for council were discussed, including requirements to run and important deadlines to meet.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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